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We are the Foley's - a couple of engineers traveling full time and creating this incredible blog!
We LOVE testing travel techniques and providing the best travel advice possible - with proof of course. Here, you can expect detailed itineraries/guides, transparent cost breakdowns, and travel techniques that can save you lots of money (they sure save us a boatload). Truly, we hope you find what we have presented useful. Let's explore together!

Days On The Road: 219

Miles Traveled: 21,094

House Sits/Pets Loved: 9/20

Train Rides: 115

Cruises: 2

Flights: 5

Lifetime Flags Collected: 24

Our Full Time Travel Budget and Expenses

Dollars Spent
$0 $24,500

Our Target
100$ per day

Year Progress
May 1st 2023 Dec 31st 2023

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