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Here is where we break down exactly what happens in our travels – where we go, what we do, and why. There are full cost breakdowns and analysis for each of the trips so you can have a good idea of what you are getting into!


Since we travel full time, you will get an experienced perspective on where we are able to save money plus there will be insights, advice, and recommendations for what we find to be the best values.

Data Context
  • The total quarterly cost is the sum of all of the trip costs.
  • The average cost per day is the total cost divided by 90 days for a quarter.
  • The costs of the trip do not include higher-level costs – insurance, phone, and credit card yearly charges. These charges are included in the yearly breakdown.
  • Total cost per month is calculated by taking the AVG cost per day of each trip and applying it to its respective day. Then, summing of those daily costs for the dates of the month. That way, if a trip spans 2 months, it will normalize the data for better accuracy. 

Our Latest Trips

Current Journey, Stats, and Costs from Jan 1 2024

Total Amount Spent - $4,771.64

Number of Days Traveling - 50

Average Cost Per Day - $94.43

Flights Taken - 1

Cruises Taken - 0

Trains Taken - 5

Transportation - 20.59%
Lodging - 23.47%
Food and Restaurants - 5.44%
Health Insurance - 7.77%
Cash and Misc - 38.84%
Mobile Phone and Data - 1.24%
Entertainment - 2.65%
Current Quarter|Q1​

Total Cost - $2,712.48

Duration (Days)
Total Cost
Colombo Sri Lanka Trip
Kandy Sri Lanka Trip
Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka Trip
Ella Sri Lanka Trip
Udawalawe Sri Lanka Trip
Weligama Sri Lanka Trip
2023 Journey, Stats, and Costs

Total Amount Spent - $25,225.25

Number of Days Traveling - 245

Average Cost Per Day - $99.30

Flights Taken - 6

Cruises Taken - 2

Trains Taken - 119

Transportation - 24.85%
Lodging - 23.82%
Food and Restaurants - 12.84%
Health Insurance - 13.51%
Cash and Misc - 19%
Mobile Phone and Data - 1.99%
Entertainment - 3.99%
Q1 (Jan - Mar)

Total Cost - $0

AVG Cost Per Day - $0

Duration (Days)
Total Cost

Our full-time travel started in May of 2023.

Q2 (Apr - Jun)

Total Cost - $6,360.41

AVG Cost Per Day - $106.00

Duration (Days)
Total Cost

This was the start of our world adventure! Honestly, we learned much about our finances and how we should be spending money this quarter. We established our key metrics and began to determine the best ways to save cost. The per day trip cost was $106.00 because we started tracking costs with only 60 days left in the quarter. With our target at $100 per day all in, we realized we were already over budget. That said, we needed to determine how to get back in budget next quarter.


Even over budget, we still saved money by spending several weeks with 1 other person and sharing food + accommodations, by utilizing the Eurail Pass, and by starting our House Sitting career! The key cost highlight was the trip to Switzerland (knowing it is a more expensive country) and being able to explore Geneva Switzerland for only $334.40 for 6 days. 


We also started to consider our speed of travel. You will notice that each of these trips are typically 1 week or less. This was originally intended, but we realized we could see more of Europe and better optimize our pass by traveling a bit faster and to less expensive countries. 

Q3 (Jul - Sept)

Total Cost - $5,366.77

AVG Cost Per Day - $59.63

Duration (Days)
Total Cost
Edinburgh Scottland Trip
Brixton London Trip
Munich Germany Overnight Trip
Budapest Hungary Trip
Timisoara Romania Trip
Craiova Bulgaria Overnight Trip
Sophia Bulgaria Trip
Athens Greece Trip
Mediterranean Cruise Trip
Izmir Turkey Overnight Trip
Antalya Turkey Trip

This quarter was special! We started to get our feet under us and took a MASSIVE train journey from Edinburgh Scotland to Athens Greece! Additionally, we continued to house-sit and save lots of money while still using our Eurail Pass to see all the countries. This trip hopefully has more benefits if we are able to work with brands in the future!


The key takeaway for this quarter is the utilization of credit card points where we landed a Mediterranean Cruise for only 62k points! That’s an equivalent value of over $0.08 per point. For the travel hackers out there… this is virtually unheard of. Effectively, we took a once in a lifetime 8 day cruise for a total of $44.58.

Additionally, we slowed down our trip twice. Once for 14 days near Edinburgh, Scottland and again for 33 days in Antalya, Turkey. These 2 slow downs enabled us to regroup and determine what we wanted to do + could do next. Amber also landed her remote Engineering position, so we wanted to stay in one place for a bit (Antalya) to settle into the newness. 

Talk about being in budget! The cost per day trip cost turned out to be$59.63! A massive improvement from last quarter and bringing us wayyy closer to our $100 per day all in cost. 

Q4 (Oct - Dec)

Total Cost - $5,984.93

AVG Cost Per Day - $66.50

Duration (Days)
Total Cost
Pattaya Thailand Trip
Hue Vietnam Trip
Hoi An Vietnam Trip
Ninh Binh Vietnam Trip
Hanoi Vietnam Trip
Phu Quoc Vietnam Trip
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Trip
Johor Bahru Malaysa Overnight Trip
Singapore Trip

This quarter was all about South East Asia! Of course, we heard of the amazingness that is this are of the world and we just had to check it out.


The key takeaway for this quarter is that it turned out to be MORE EXPENSIVE than last quarter at $66.50 trip cost! Normally, you think of southeast Asia as crazy cheap. (And to be fair, housing and food are) but transportation is not. We had more flights (that did not make sense to use points on)  and a less integrated train system actually offsets those savings. 


We also splurged and received our Open Water SCUBA PADI certifications. That was definitely a luxury cost. However, it also unlocks new opportunities everywhere else in the world for the rest of our lives. Plus, it is far less expensive for this certification than in the USA. I’d call that a win in the grand scheme of things.


The best deal this quarter? House sitting in Singapore over new year for 16 days no questions asked. Singapore is normally incredibly expensive, but $0 rent for 16 days let us spend a total of $407.81 for the trip. Once again, it gave us the opportunity to regroup and determine what to do next! I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.

2023 Year Cost Analysis

Now this is what we worked so hard for for years! To be able to explore the world full time. This year has been all about discovery and honestly, I feel like a freshman in highschool again. There is so much to learn – from train systems to currency conversions to booking websites – and many mistakes we have made. BUT! That is the point of travel, right?


We definitely learned how to save some serious cash while traveling. Between just the Eurail Pass and House Sitting, we are estimating roughly $12,000 in savings! Adding in our credit card point equivalent for the cruise at $5,300, that equals $17,000 total “saved”. 


Overall, our cost per day all in ended up being $99.30. With our target at $100 per day, we nailed it! Not only that, we were able to splurge on some luxuries by using credit card perks (like lounge access and free hotel nights) and getting our SCUBA certifications.


Were there more opportunities for cost savings? Yes. A good chunk of our money went to the health insurance category that we did not need or use. We are planning to reduce that to a better plan for us next year. Also, did we learn when we were budgeting too hard? Absolutely. We now have a better idea of what we can live with and what we absolutely must have. 


Looking deeper at the cost per month graph (trip cost) you will notice that May is much more expensive than the rest. I think we will chalk that up to being in “vacation mode” where we were celebrating! That didn’t last long however and we were quite consistent thereafter. 


Finally, after this first year, we have reasonable data for budgeting going forward. I find it interesting that it costs roughly 20%-25% for transportation, lodging, and food. Insurance and cash transactions (which are usually food) make up the majority of the remaining. This tells me that we must be EXTRA choosy with our lodging and methods of travel else we will exceed those budgets quickly. Additionally, the more that we can double-purpose our large costs (like getting a kitchen in our lodging so we can cook for ourselves) really moves the needle for our budget!

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