The Best Rooftop Bar in Kuala Lumpur?! Yes, Please.

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The best unkept secret

The Heli Lounge Rooftop Bar: one of the most spectacular locations to enjoy a cocktail or a bottle of wine. Situated right in the heart of the city, this bar offers some of the best views of Kuala Lumpur’s unique architecture and of course: sunsets. 

How to get to the Rooftop

The Heli Lounge bar is located in the Menara KH building on level 34. It is a very unassuming building but if you take the elevators to the top and you will have arrived to the main lounge space. Up another couple flights of stairs leads you to the open air helipad. 

The closest public transit station is Raja Chulan (MR7) monorail station.

Opening times

As the Helipad is actually used as a helipad, the bar does not open until 5pm. Mon-Thursday, Sunday 5pm-1am, Friday and Saturday 5pm-2am. 

What to expect on the Rooftop

Open Air 360 Views

Petronos Tower Skyline from the Rooftop
Petronos Tower Skyline

Apart from being open air, it gives scenic 360° views of the city! Although not the highest viewpoint, the Petronos Towers shimmer in the distance, nothing beats that in KL.

How to dress

The dress code is relaxed casual until 9pm. After 9pm, smart casual is required. 

Food and Drinks

Heli Lounge Bar has a full menu including tapas, pizzas, wings, and desserts. Of course, they have classic cocktails, signature cocktails, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks. They offer a very large variety of wines and spirits as well. Who doesn’t want to sip their favorite wine or cocktail on a rooftop overlooking downtown Kuala Lumpur?

The food menu ranges from about 10-40RM for tapas, 32-40RM for a pizza and about 30Rm for chicken wings.

You can checkout their facebook page here.


There is a cover charge of 100RM ($20 USD) per person but this includes two drinks from a selected drink menu or you can buy a bottle of wine. We decided to order a 208RM bottle of wine to split as it was the best deal. Otherwise, most cocktails range from 45RM to 50RM ($10 USD). I think that’s a steal of deal for a rooftop bar anywhere in the world!

Spaces and Ambience

The inside Lounge

Upon entering, it seemed unassuming; decked in spaced theme decor and with really dim lighting. We didn’t know what to do as no one was around except for a couple of bartenders. We questioned whether we were in the right place. After being greeted by staff, we ordered a bottle of Red Pinot and he told us head upstairs. 

The Helipad Rooftop

Wine with the Skyline view from the Rooftop
Wine with a View

Once we made it up the two flights of stairs, we were greeted by a breeze and the glow of the downtown sky. We found a table and were quickly greeted with our selected wine. The DJ played music while everyone talked and wandered around to take in the skyline views. 

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