Ultimate Nomad Essentials | The Must-have list

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The Ultimate Essentials for any Nomad

We have been traveling since May 1st, 2023 and we although we did a ton of research on gear we would need….or thought we needed, there’re items that are absolutly necessary for us. Below are the items and tools we use every day and would not be a happy camper if we lost any of them. Although not comprehensive, these are the Ultimate Nomad Essentials.


Lets start with the basics.

Ultimate Nomad Essential bag

Peak Design Backpack

The only backpack you will ever need. With cavernous space, external waist strap, expandability, external straps, orgnaization zippered areas, hidden passport spot, this backpack has it all. Comes in Sage and Black.

Packable Day pack

Although our backpack is no longer availiable, this one is similiar. This backpack has turned into our everywhere bag. It folds into a small flat pouch that has a loop to hook onto anything. Once opened up, it has enough pouches to keep everything organized. The items that never leave the bag are sunglass, portable charger, sunscreen, and a small first aid kit!

Toiletry Bag

We struggled to find a toiletry bag that had enough organization for the two of us to use together. This bag has features like the side toothbrush holders, an easy access zipper once fully packed away, and the detachable quart bag that made it the winner.


You think it doesnt rule your life, but it really does…

Clothes Line

Whether you are on a cruise, out on a camping trip, or in an airbnb without laundry, this realllyyy comes in handy.

Laundry Strips

These are tiny! All you need is one piece for a sink wash and maybe 2 for a normal size load in a european washer.

Grocery and Cooking

We cook while traveling to lower costs which means we have to grocery shop;. these are our must haves!

Stasher (silicone) Bags

These are life savers and are used every day! Leftovers, on the go lunch, snacks, messy cosemetics, leaky shower bottles, etc.

Beeswax Wraps

Theres no reason you cant fit these into your bag. They can wrap anything up to save for later, make a pouch, cover jars and cups and bowls, etc

Bag of Bags

Bags at the store are not free in Europe. Don't get caught without having reusable bags to carry your grocerys back. Theres also a carabiner for easy belt hooking.

Collapsible Storage

Often airbnbs dont have storage containers....soooo when you cook for a week, well, you get creative. We love to have leftovers to bring for lunch the next day or just so we dont have to cook all the time!


Any nomad has to have electronics that are reliable and robust for constantly being on the road. These are some of ours that we love.

Electronic Organizer

We store our Triscreen, cords, hard drives, sd cards, spare headphones, and misc chargers in this all in one container. It has so much organization that we never have a tangle of cords!

EU/UK/AUS Travel Adaptor

This one offers 4 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C and the UK/AUS/US/EU socket types. it also comes with a spare fuse....ask us how we know....

Backup Battery

This comes with us everywhere. You do not to be left with a dead phone battery!

Hard drives

We love this tiny, robust hard drive. We wanted one that could plug into our Android phones and computer so we could easily transfer files between and this one fits the bill with a USB-C input/output.

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  1. My portable charger and beeswax wraps were absolute essentials for me when I went interrailing in June! Collapsible Tupperware boxes would have been a great help too, thank you for these ideas.

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