Koh Larn Island Exclusive Guide for a Jaw-dropping Retreat

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Adventure Awaits: Bangkok's tropical Paradise

If you are looking for a weekend escape to an island near Bangkok, Koh Larn is for you! To keep things simple, you should check the current exchange rate before you go further – we use this. It should help you gauge costs as we will keep everything in local currency for simplicity. 

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How to get to Koh Larn |From bangkok

Koh Larn is 5km off the coast of Pattaya, Thailand. You must first make it to Bali Hai Pier in central Pattaya, then board a ferry or speed boat to take you to the island.

By Private Car

This option is pretty self explanatory and is the most efficient route. 

Viator offers great services here for around $40. This is the best option for a family or with a lot of luggage. 

by miniBus/van/coach

The trip via minibus/coach or van takes around 2.5-3 hours leaving from central Bangkok to Jomtien Bus Station. The you should take a 10 minute Grab or Bolt to get to the pier. 

These coach buses cost about $4 a person and have amazing reviews. We took a coach from Jomtein to Bangkok airport and have nothing but good things to say.


If you don’t have much luggage, you could hop on a Baht bus to get closer to the pier but you will have to walk about 10 minutes on a main road. The Baht bus routes are below and cost 10 baht per person to ride. 

by Train + car

Taking the train from Bangkok station to Pattaya Station takes about 2.5-3 hours as well. Once you arrive at Pattaya Station it is about a 30 minute Grab or Bolt to the pier. This is not a very common method of travel due to the train times. They all leave before 7am!! The tickets for train 283 cannot be bought in advance. They must be purchased at the station.

The train times are as follows:

Navigating the Pier

You made it to the pier and the chaos has ensued. We’ll help you through it. Walk through all the vendors trying to sell you excursions or speed boats to the island because the best way (and cheapest) is the ferry! 

The ferry allows a slower ride and opportunity to really take in the smaller islands nearby. 

Now you must decide which ferry you want to take. There are two options as indicated with the boat ramp symbol on the map below.

na baan Pier (east coast)

If you book accomodations within town, this is the pier you will want to head too. A good majority of accommodations have a shuttle service to and from this pier. Check with your host!

Tawaen Pier (west coast)

This pier is used more for day trips to Tawaen beach from Pattaya. Some secluded  resorts are on this side of the island and this will be the pier that you should chose. 

Ferry Routes and Prices

Ferry timetable to Koh Larn
Ferry schedule and Cost

It took me some time to understand this sign so here it is in obvious terms: The first column is from Pattaya to Tawaen. The second column is coming back from Tawaen to Pattaya. The same for the right two Na Baan pier columns. 

Don’t worry, both ferries leave from Point A, just at alternating hours. 

It only costs 30 baht ($1 usd) per person and it is paid at the gangway entrance to the ferry. Make sure to get to the selected ferry about 20 mins before it leaves because it is quite a walk to the boat! No dock runners here!

Arriving in Na Baan Town Koh Larn

This is the main town on the island and hosts about 60% of accomodations. Ranging from guesthouses to full resorts, Koh Larn has a bit of everything. We walked to our accommodation from the pier and it was quite a doozy. The narrow, winding streets are lined with scooters, baht buses, trucks and everything in between! I would highly suggest coordinating pickup from your accommodation if possible. 

What to do in Koh Larn

Na Baan is small enough to walk and see everything in an afternoon so don’t spend too much time here. the best parts are the beaches and lookouts.

Cultural sights include Wat Mai Samraan Buddhist temple which right across from Na Wat Night Market. There’s also several great restaurants and bars lining every street of this town. A meal should costs between 100 and 250 baht at a street restaurant. We noticed the cafes on the beach were charging almost double that..

Where to stay in Koh Larn

Budget Accommodation

As the name implies; Just Sleep Thongtalay Koh Larn is just that. Offering a cozy room in Na Baan town, It is nothing extravagant. 

Mid-Level Accommodation

Kamari Cafe & Resort Kohlarn is a hidden gem that has greek flare and personal dip pools. 

luxury Accommodation

In the middle of the island lies Mamori House at Kohlarn. This resort offers guests a peaceful oasis with a a pool, garden views, and an à la carte breakfast.

How to get Around Koh Larn

The best way is by motorbike as the island is quite large. It would take 1 hour to walk from the north tip to the south tip of the island and don’t even think about the hills. We’ve heard the motor bikes are 300 baht which includes fuel for 24 hours. You will have to leave an ID, which to me, seems strange.

The next best way is by by motorbike taxi which will set you back between 40-60 baht/person to get to any beach from town.

Of course, there is always walking. Outside of town, it is relatively easy but google maps is not accurate and sometimes it takes you through people’s backyard, under a fence, and over a river. Ask us how we know! There are plenty of sidewalks and other walkers so don’t feel like you can’t walk the island! 

Other Activities in Koh Larn

Big Monk? Or Buddha?

As usual in Thailand, there is always a Big Buddha somewhere! Koh Larn is no different. But it is debated whether it is a Big Buddha or a Big Monk. I guess you will have to see it for yourself.


The coolest way to see the island is from the sky. What better way to do that then to Paraglide on the ridge of the island down to an amazing beach landing. While sitting on Tawaen beach, we were watching about 5 paragliders take to the sky. Fly Koh Larn offers tandem glides from 2,500 baht to 5,000 baht depending on length of glide and takes off by Big Budda (Monk). Make sure to schedule with them online!

Getting Back to the Mainland

As we wrap up our weekend getaway, we have to board the ferry once again. We saved Tawaen beach for the last day so we could jump on the ferry from there instead of heading back into town. We hope you enjoy your time on the Coral island and spend some time relaxing!

Seeing Pattaya

While in Pattaya, it is worth checking out the Floating Market and Sanctuary of Truth. They are pretty close by and worth a few hours each.

Koh Larn

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